It was a delightful surprise when our Parisien friends Myriam and Jean-Louis offered us to join them for a weekend in Normandy on a brand new 2016 R1200Gs  Triple Black. We met the bike and Jean Louis in Paris in a dark underground parking late at night. At first site in low light it is

Israel Classic TAMAR Mediterranean Mototours Is the first and only guided motorcycle tour provider in Israel and the region. TAMAR is dedicated at providing a unique, once in a lifetime, experience of riding, touring and meeting, this extraordinary territory and it’s people. You will be doing this while using latest model adventure tourers, guided by

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, our eastern peaceful neighbor has fascinated us for years, and it was only natural for us to explore our first options of expanding the TAMAR offering east. Jordan has a peaceful land border with Israel and so makes it pretty easy (excluding bureaucracy) to cross and and tour it. Tamar

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