Last Call for the New Zealand motorcycle tour!

Well, how does starting the new year in new Zealand sound to you?!


One of the most desired destinations in the world

New Zealand, many of the explorers who have visited NZ over the centuries since its discovery have referred to it as paradise on earth.’ Its remoteness from the western world, has preserved its beauty as well as given it an aura of inaccessibility, making it all that more desirable.

South means warm – At Christmas and New Years Eve!

The TAMARBIKES New Zealand Adventure begins in Auckland, on the northern island of NZ on Christmas day, and ends 2 weeks later in Christchurch on the Southern island. Situated in the southern hemisphere means that riding The NZ Adventure during Christmas will give you a break from snow and blizzards back home while you ride sunny and warm temperatures in dry conditions – the perfect getaway.

The perfect ride!
Perfect asphalt, perfect curves, perfect vistas and perfect company will all come together to create the perfect adventure here in New Zealand.
As an established tour operator in this territory we book well in advance offering you now the unique opportunity to have a full motorcycle experience to one of the farthest destination of the world.
We have also reserved some flights from Milano Italy to Auckland on Christmas eve at 1500Euro return, only to make sure flights availability and prices are not the Issue.
For more info about this tour and booking information go to the tour page
Don’t miss it!

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Eytan. I am first and foremost a biker, I love riding, I love adventure' and I love roaming the world on back of 2 wheeled machines. After a life career in Law and management I have turned my passion into a profession when I formed 3 years ago with Tamar my wife - TAMARBIKES - a boutique adventure touring company specializing in only special destinations some unique to us (Israel) while providing excellence, depth, and a unique service package. For us its about creating the right atmosphere, to enable friendships to form and life time memories to be shared. +972.072.2131222 | UK#+44 20 31500931 | US#+1 415 3731668


david seddon
November 22, 2018
Hiya how much is the trip in sterling please and does that include flights from the UK? Cheers Dave
December 4, 2018
Please check the Price Tab on the tour page to find out prices, they depends on the form of accommodation and type of bike - prices are in Dollars and the rate of exchange currently is approximately 1.27 USD to the sterling. The price does not include flights only the tour with all its services. In the tour description you can find the spec of the service and exactly what is included and what is not. Please feel free to call me if you have any other questions. Thanks Eytan

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