14 days
Dec 25, 2018 – Jan 7, 2019
Easy, 100% on-road
Riding Difficulty

The New Zealand Adventure – The Maori’s Land

This is Luxury adventure is a 4.600km ride, 14 Day (12 riding) to the wonders of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ Land. You will ride miles of beauty and relaxation through some of the most outstanding scenery on earth. Twist and turn between volcanoes, natural thermal baths, ocean roads, lush forests and glaciers. Turn after turn, the land of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ ‘Middle Earth’ will leave you breathless for the wonders of these vistas and serenity.

Included Services

  • Airport transfers
  • 13 Days Bike Rental – Unlimited milage
  • Bike Insurance for Damage and thefts (Deposit and deductible not included)
  • One-way drop-off Fee
  • English speaking Tour Leader on Bike.
  • Assistant in Support Van
  • Dedicated VAN for the luggage.
  • Accommodation mentioned or similar of the same range.
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • “Inter Islander” ferry from Wellington to Picton for bikes and passengers

Not Included

  • Airport Tax Surchage
  • International Drive Licence
  • Visa charges where aplicable
    • Lunch and dinner and all personal items
    • Parking where required in the hotel
  • Security Deposit to be held by Credit Card at Pick Up

Tour Dates: Dec 25, 2018 – Jan 7, 2019

For other dates, please contact us








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Day 1

Tuesday 25th December: Auckland

Day 2

Wednesday 26th December: Auckland – Witianga (Coromandel Peninsula) (294 km)

Day 3

Thursday 27th December: Witianga – Rotorua (291 km)

Day 4

Friday 28th December: Rest day in Rotorua (Optional riding)

Day 5

Saturday 29th December: Rotorua – Wanganui (435 Km)

Day 6

Sunday 30th December: Wanganui – Wellington (194 km)

Day 7

Monday 31st December: Wellington – Ferry to Picton -Nelson (211 km)

Day 8

Tuesday 01st January: Nelson – Punakaiki (264km)

Day 9

Wednesday 02nd January: Punakaiki – Franz Josef Glacier – Haast (220 km)

Day 10

Thursday 03rd January : Haast – Queenstown (350 km)

Day 11

Friday 04th January: Rest-day in Queenstown (Optional riding available)

Day 12

Saturday 05th January: Queenstown – Dunedin (275 km)

Day 13

Sunday 06th January: Dunedin – Christchurch (245 km)

Day 14

Monday 07th January: Christchurch – Departure for Italy

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Tour Description


Day 1 – Tuesday 25th December: Auckland

Arrival transfer to hotel and a Free day relax and visit of the city. Late in the afternoon pick up the bikes and paper work. After riding back to hotel, briefing and a festive dinner.


Day 2 – Wednesday 26th December: Auckland –  Withianga (Coromandel Peninsula) (294 km)

Breakfast in hotel and a morning briefing. Our first day ride to the Coromandel Peninsula which is considered a real Luna Park for any bikers. The road twists and turns along the coast. will stop at Waikato and experience the HOT WATER BEACH: the hot water direct here is coming from the sea and you can build your own private hot thermal bath. After this we continue to our final destination of the day Withianga.


Day 3 – Thursday 27th December: Withianga – Rotorua (291 km)

Today we will ride to Rotorua, the most famous region of New Zealand especially known for its Gheiser and the still very much alive Maori tradition.


Day 4 – Friday 28th December:  Rest day in Rotorua (Optional riding)

Enjoy a day visit lovely Rotorua, the Sulphur City as it is known. Alternatively join our guide for a ride to visit Waimangu, the Hidden Prehistoric Volcanic Valley just South of Rotorua…


Day5 – Saturday 29th December: Rotorua –  Wanganui (435 Km)

Today we are heading for a long ride deep in to the heart of the Northern Island. The scenery will vary between forests, mountains, volcanoes (inside Mordor land from the famous movie The Lord of the Rings). We will also follow Highway 43 – The Forgotten World Highway, 150 km running along the old path of the miners along the Wanganui River –  until we reach our final destination of the day Wanganui.


Day 6 – Sunday 30th December:   Wanganui – Wellington (194 km)

It’s a short ride today to Wellington, the Capitol City of New Zealand. Situated on its picturesque ocean bay. We will arrive early in the afternoon to enjoy a visit to the city, also named the “Windy Wellington” .


Day 7 – Monday 31st December: Wellington – Ferry to Picton -Nelson (211 km)

Today its off to the South Island. This part of New Zealand is even more of an explosion of natural beauty, color and flavor. We will board the ferry in Wellington early morning and after a 4 hour sail we will reach Picton Harbor.

From Picton we will turn west on Lagoon Road to head towards Nelson on the other side of the Island.

The city is named after the famous Admiral Nelson one of the first to reach and discover the New Zealand Islands.


Day 8 – Tuesday 01st January: Nelson – Punakaiki (264km)

Today we are starting one of the best road of the tour: the SH 6 better known as The West Coast Touring Route. This is a real riding delight which takes all the way to the most southern point of New Zealand.

We will stop for the night in Punakaiki, to enjoy the Natural Show of the Oceanic Fumarole inside the National Park of Pancake Rocks.


Day 9 – Wednesday 02nd January: Punakaiki – Franz Josef Glacier – Haast (220 km)

It’s back on the State Highway SH 6 (West Coast Touring Route) today. Our first destination of the day is one of the most spectacular sites of the Island: the Franz Josef Glacier. We will take our time to walk to the base of the Glacier and enjoy this wonder. After the visit we will continue the ride to Haast, where we will be staying the night.


Day 10 – Thursday 03rd January :  Haast – Queenstown (350 km)

Pushing forward down the West Coast Touring Route our final destination for today, Queenstown. Queenstown is a famous holiday destination for locals from a round New Zealand. We will stop along the road for lunch at the Cardrona Hotel, the oldest hotel of New Zealand. Expect to Arrive in Queenstown in the late afternoon.


It’s a well-deserved rest-day. You may rest near the hotel pool or opt to enjoy Queenstown many activities, with “jet boating” or “bungy-jumping” to name a few. For the bikers who wants the tour leader will drive you to the very south of the Island to reach Invercargill and ride on the beach of the famous “Burt Murrow” who from New Zealand reached Bonneville in the USA on his own customized “Indian” and make a world’s speed record.Day 11 – Friday 04th January:   Rest-day in Queenstown (Optional riding available)


Day 12 – Saturday 05th January: Queenstown – Dunedin (275 km)

Our tour is winding down with the next to last leg. We will ride through Out the south and its amazing coast towards Dunedin arriving early afternoon.


Day 13 – Sunday 06th January: Dunedin – Christchurch (245 km)

We depart early for our last leg of the tour. We will reach Christchurch in the afternoon and drop off the bikes. It’s a festive farewell diner, goodbyes and a big celebration of the achievement for all.


Day 14 – Monday 07th January: Christchurch – Departure for Italy

Time for transfers to the airport and heading back home.





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2 up Sharing 1 up Sharing 1 up Single occupancy
Basic Bike G650GS


$5,890 $6,890 $7,490
1st upgrade F800GS $6,790 $7,790 $8,390
2nd upgrade R1200GS $7,790 $8,690 $9,390





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Tour Reviews

4.80 based on 5 reviews
August 26, 2018

In one word – paradise. New Zealand is probably the most beautiful, Lush and laid-back country I have ever visited. Roads are pristine, vistas are outstanding turn after turn, culture is rich and fascinating, and the people are as friendly as can be and all speak English (even if with a funny accent). The TAMARBIKES meticulous planning and execution made this ride perfect. Don’t miss out on this tour its simply the best.

August 26, 2018

Well Jack we couldn’t hope for nicer clients – or should I say friends – we try our best every time but its nice to be appreciated. Thank you for joining and hope to see you real soon on one of our other tours. Eytan

August 26, 2018

If there was ever a complaint about this tour it was that we were bombarded with too much information and stimulation, on the other hand, when we left there was still a bundle to still see which we missed so probably TAMARBIKES got it right. The TAMARBIKES team is as professional as they come stopping at nothing to make your tour as memorable, enjoyable and safe as can possibly be. Good jobs guys. Hope to see you soon on another one of your tours.

August 26, 2018

Thank you Mark for this important feedback. While the dilemma of what to include in a tour is a serious one the dilemma what to keep out is even harder. This is especially hard for a destination such as New Zealand which can be traveled for months and still not be covered. your concern is legitimate but we ca only try to hit the best average to satisfy as many people as possible. At least you didn’t feel you got the short end of the stick. thanks for enduring and it was great to have you on board.

August 26, 2018

***** I’ve been around, done Africa with TAMARBIKES, done the pan American on my own, but this short little 4.5K KM 2-week ride hits all the right buttons. Great Asphalt, great scenery and most of all a great atmosphere with a great group couldn’t ask for more for a motorcycle getaway.

August 26, 2018

Merci Jean-Pierre,
receiving such a compliment from a well traveled adventurer such as your self is surly an honor. You are a great guy to ride with and your experience and advice were well appreciated by us and group. I think it is time to consider the Himalaya for your next challenge.

August 26, 2018

For me its about riding with bikers and enjoying the ride together. I can do that if the crowd is right anywhere in the world. I joined the TAMARBIKES Boutique motorcycle ride in New Zealand and found myself pleasantly surprised. Be it the safe and organized group while riding, increasing safety, or be it the evening night caps round the Bluetooth speaker with the spirits in hand and the spirits high, this is what it’s all about.

August 26, 2018

Mio caro amico Giancarlo,
I think you dancing in the hotel lobby with the live music and the German students, must have been one of the tours highs. I don’t remember laughing so much in one evening. it was clear you came to have a good time and you gave some of it to all of us. Thanks for that and hope to see you on one of our tours again real soon. Arivederci Eytan

August 26, 2018

TAMARBIKES guys this was the most amazing ride. Can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail, your planning of the route which was perfect, with the timely stops and rest days that all fell into a perfect vacation rhythm. You are the best. New Zealand is beautiful but with you guys you could ride a barren desert and still have an amazing time.

August 26, 2018

Daria thanks for your kind words. It does help to have a great destination to make an amazing tour. come to think of it we do take groups through barren and less barren deserts Such as the Kalahari and Namib on our Africa Expedition The Sahara on our Morocco Adventure and the Negev and Judea Deserts on our Israel Classic tour. Hope to see you riding with us on any of these, it will be fun I promise. Eytan

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