BMW F650GS (Greece)


Successor to long-lived and popular entry-level F650 single

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BMW’s successor to long-lived and popular entry-level F650 single is, confusingly, being based on the F800GS, neither a single (it’s a parallel twin) or a 650 (it’s 798cc) – so perhaps not surprisingly it’s miles better than the old one. Just as importantly, though, with a lowered seat, softened delivery and more, it’s every bit as novice or shortie-friendly and still good value, too.
Ride Quality & Brakes

With more basic, shorter-travel suspension than its F800GS brother and a smaller front wheel the F650GS has both a low, novice-friendly seat height (and an even lower 765mm low seat kit is available as an extra) plus more predictable and secure road-orientated handling. From the saddle, the biggest surprise was how reminiscent of the old F650 the new F650GS is. The view, posture, ergonomics and sheer simplicity it is to ride all remind very much of the old single, as does the idiot-proof flatness of the power delivery.


BMW F650GS’s F800 series-derived twin is a sweetie. Softer cams trade off peak power for a more gentle and progressive power delivery (and a learner-friendly 34bhp version is also available at no extra cost). The result is peak power is down from 85bhp to a still more-than-useful 71bhp and with a healthy wodge of more low-down grunt. It’s both flexible and novice-friendly, yet with top end to be truly versatile.

Build Quality & Reliability

Although BMW quality in recent years has occasionally come under fire, it’s generally still far better than most and there have so far been no specific problems reported with the F650GS either.

Insurance, running costs & value

Although undeniably less flashy than the F800GS, the F650GS is also £1200 cheaper, is arguably the better road bike and, as such, represents excellent value for money. Find a BMW F650GS for sale.

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To keep the F650GS’s price (and weight) down it has a more basic spec than its F800GS big brother. So there are alloys in place of wires, steel not alloy handlebars, no bash plate and less bodywork including a lower screen, not to mention the less sophisticated suspension. That said, it’s go everything it needs, its typical BMW quality, bang up to date and a vast range of extras is available. Compare and buy parts for the F650GS in the MCN Shop.

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