General Terms & Conditions

  1. The Operator – TAMAR Mediterranean Mototours Ltd. A registered LLC formed and registered under the laws of Israel Registration Nr. 51-5020303, of 9a Harokeach St., Zikhron Yaakov 3090179 ISRAEL (known as TAMARBIKES for purposes of these Terms and Conditions) is the tour operator or bike renter. By conforming / signing / paying / ticking the box, on the Booking Form, the participant / customer / rider agrees to the following terms and conditions between him / her and TAMARBIKES.
  1. Valid Licence and experience – Every rider needs (1) a valid motorcycle license of the class (size) of the rental motorcycle – that is valid at least 3 years since date of issued prior to the begging of the tour/ rental period, and must be presented at time of bike pickup. (2) must be of 24 years age and (3) with experience of using the size of the rental motorcycle. The client must represent truthfully and answer any relevant question regarding his/her experience and proficiency.
  1. Named rider – Only the person whose name appears on the order as a rider is authorized to drive the rented bike. Any additional person wishing to make use of the bike by the participant / renter’s request must be first approved by TAMARBIKES and meet the necessary eligibility requirements, subject to additional payment.
  1. Shared Accommodation – If a participant is travelling solo and books and shared accommodation, TAMARBIKES will attempt to find a suitable roommate for the participant if the participant requests it. In the case where this proves impossible, a single occupancy supplement will be charged.
  1. (a) Reservations Tours – A reservation is complete when the participant submits a signed booking form and pays the deposit of 500 USD per person per tour and the company has confirmed the order. However the company has the right to cancel any order and return the deposit after a confirmation for without cause or reason.  A second installment complementing the amount to 35% of the order price will be due 120 days prior to departure. The balance of 65% of the full order will be due 60 days Prior to departure. The deposit and timely payment of the order payments as defined above, secures a place on the tour. Should the order be made less than 120 days prior to departure then the full 35% will be due upon order, and should the order be made later than 60 days prior to departure then the a full  100% payment will be due upon completion and confirmation of the order.(b) Reservations Rentals – A reservation is complete when the participant submits a signed booking form and pays the deposit of 30% of the Order Value, but no less than one rental day, and the company has confirmed the order. No order is final until 30 days prior to . The balance is due 45 days prior the starting date of the rental. In the even the order is done less than 45 dats prior to rental beginning, full payment will be due upon order.
  1. Fuel and Refuelling – Unless otherwise specified, gasoline is not included in the tour price. TAMARBIKES suggests returning the bike with a full tank, otherwise a refuelling service fee equal to 10 USD refuelling charge will apply in addition to the fuel cost. Fuelling with the wrong kind of fuel may cause severe damage to the engine of the rented bike and will result in a full charge for the damages, and not limited to the excess charge.
  1. Non-Waivable Excess and Liability – with each rental there will be an excess amount specified according to Motorcycle model group. The excess amount will be the extent of the client’s liability in case of damage due to accident on any other damage to the Bike during the term of the rental, and not due to negligence or breach of contract on behalf of the client. The following damage is not covered by insurance and will be reimbursed in full by client including all related costs and losses associated with and resulting of any such damage. The damage may include loss of income, in the event such an event occurs. These events may include but are not limited to any (1) undercarriage damage; (2) damage to tires; (3) theft; (4) mechanical damage induced by misuse of the bike or any other damage caused by negligence or breach of contract on behalf of the rider. The client will be requested to guarantee or pay the excess amount prior to taking possession of the bike at the beginning of the tour or rental, this may be done in cash or by credit card.
  1. Fares and quotes – Fares quoted by TAMARBIKES, its agents or publications are those in effect at time of printing. TAMARBIKES reserves the right to change tour prices any time prior to 60 days before departure. TAMARBIKES reserves the right to correct printing errors or calculation mistakes at any time. Discounts offered by TAMARBIKES cannot be combined with other existing discounts. In the event price has changed before tour starts the client will have the option to pay the difference or cancel his participation and receive a full refund.
  1. Accessories and Extras – Prices do not include any accessories, or any safety gear which may be mandatory in order to enable customer to ride (Helmets, Jackets, Gloves and Knee protection). Customer may request to book additional accessories or services in accordance with TAMARBIKES policies and price list and subject to availability. No equipment is guaranteed until order is confirmed. TAMARBIKES makes no representation of any such availability and does not commit to providing any such accessory or service that hasn’t been ordered and confirmed. Customers obligations and liability and all guarantees shall apply to any such accessory used during the rental or to any damage occurred to such item. Damage to accessories are not covered by insurance.
  1. Value Added Tax – A 17% tax will apply on all component of the rental / Tour, In accordance to laws of Israel, incl. the additional charges as listed. In the event the tour rental takes place in a foreign country the local tax law shall govern the transaction. Prices will be inclusive of all taxes unless otherwise specified. In the event of a change in tax rate between the time of the reservation and the time of the tour the difference will be charged accordingly.
  1. Credit Card – The renter must present a valid credit card bearing his/her own name. The card must have embossed digits with a suitable credit limit which will be determined during the rental procedure. Whilst receiving the bike, TAMARBIKES reserves the right to confirm the renter / customer has suitable credit coverage to ensure payment in the event of damages and/or theft to the bike. To prevent any misunderstandings, TAMARBIKES stress that full responsibility regarding credit coverage is totally upon the renter and failure to have such credit will result in cancelation of rental agreement without refund.
  1. Waiver and Limitation of Liability – It is agreed and understood that the Owners, Operators and Agents of this tour including TAMARBIKES are not the guardians of the participant’s safety and they cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence relating to any activity in connection with the tour which might result in injury, death or other damage to the participant, his property, his family, or heirs. TAMARBIKES is not responsible for any damage caused to third parties due to the participant’s activities during the tour. The liability of TAMARBIKES is limited to a total of three times the tour price irrespective of the title/claim.Each participant agrees here to the term of the Release and Waiver Form and will be required to sign the form before the tour starts.
  1. Representations and Advertising – TAMARBIKES provides motorcycles as part of the tour package or as a rental. The pictures and the technical specification of the motorcycles in catalogues, brochures or on this website do not always represent the exact model of the motorcycles actually provided. Most participants shall ride the motorcycle that is confirmed, but TAMARBIKES reserves the right to substitute a motorcycle which was requested, due to uncontrollable situations. Customer will be notified of any such change.
  1. Single Room Supplement – Prices for 1 up sharing (1up2s) are based on a participant who has requested to, sharing a room with another rider. TAMARBIKES cannot guarantee that another roommate will be available. If sharing of a room is not possible, for any reason, participant will be required to pay the higher rate of a 1 up 1 single (1U1S).
  1. High Season Supplement – TAMARBIKES may apply, where a High Season rates are relevant, a supplement fee to the price of the package specified. Where such supplement applies a Tour will be marked specifically and clearly and supplement will be calculated with price of tour.
  1. Room separation during tour – Should participants sharing a room decide to take separate rooms during the trip, for whatever reason, the Single room supplement shall be applied to both participants and paid by each of them separately.
  1. Security Deposit – A Security Deposit, depending on the model of motorcycle, will be paid or held on participants’ credit card, at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The Security Deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition and for a reasonable time after to enable the company to verify there are no charges such as toll roads or traffic violations out standing against the bike. The Security Deposit will be refunded at such time the company has verified no debt or charged whatever sums were due under the agreement.
  1. Insurance and Damage – All motorcycles are insured with third party liability insurance. The rental period is not interrupted due to damage to the motorcycle or the inability of the participant to ride the motorcycle, whether at the fault of the rider or at no fault to him. During the rental period, TAMARBIKES is not obligated to replace a damaged or a defective motorcycle, but will make best effort to do so.
  1. Guided Tours (including self-guided) – TAMARBIKES is responsible for providing the services listed in the tour descriptions according to the tour specifications. However due to situations beyond its control (including but not limited to, road works hotel closures, or weather, safety concerns), TAMARBIKES reserves the right without prior notice to withdraw any part or all of a tour or to make such changes as may be necessary to enable the tour to run safely. Should such changes become necessary, and should any extra cost be involved in such change, the extra cost, if applicable, shall be paid by the client.
  1. Items Included in Trip Price –

Typically the following the following items are included in tour price, however tour specifications and services may vary and thus the specific tour description as it appears on this web site under tour description is the final spec relevant to each tour.

  • Lodging for each night of the trip. Accommodation will be in single, double or twin rooms. Trip price is specified in levels according to accommodation sharing and bike model.
  • All breakfasts, as specified in the individual trip description.
  • Most dinners during riding days, as specified in the individual trip description. Other nights will be considered ‘free nights’ and participants will be responsible for the dinner cost, even if arrangements and reservations are made by company.
  • Support vehicle (closed van or open pick-up), available to carry one piece of luggage per person.
  • Tour Leaders. In addition to the support vehicle, one or more riding tour leaders will be available per trip, depending on the number of participants per trip. Although it isn’t necessary to ride with a tour leader at all times, participants are invited to do so.
  • Guides, at designated places where company deems it necessary a certified guide may meet the group and give a specific session on a site or attraction.
  • Tour Information Package. Approximately 30 days prior to the trip, and after receipt of full payment for the trip, participant will receive a package containing all the information needed to pack and prepare for the trip, including detailed route descriptions, hotel listing, and route maps.
  • Activities and attractions, that are specifically identified in the published trip description for the trip.
  1. Items Not Included in Trip Price –

Air fare, Visa fees, trans border costs, airport transfers, Fuel, Road tolls, accessories, Deductible waiver, and any item not mentioned as included specifically, is not included. Alcoholic beverages are not included. Items of a personal nature are not included.

  1. Cancellation Fees of Tour (corresponding guided tour and a self-guided tour)

In the event of a participant cancels his/her booking in a corresponding guided tour and / or a self-guided tour –  TAMARBIKES will charge the participant of a Cancellation fee as follows:

Number of days prior to denture of the tour Cancellation fee per person
More than 90 days 500 USD
90 – 60 days 37.5% of tour price
60 – 30 days 75% of tour price
Less than 30 day notice before departure No refund.

No exception to this policy can be made for any reason!
Trip cancellation insurance and flexible flight arrangements are strongly recommended
Also consider TAMARBIKES’s trip cancellation fee waiver.

  1. Voluntary cancelation – TAMARBIKES may cancel a tour due to lack of adequate participation or for any other reason up to 30 days prior to the commencement of the tour and shall notify the participants. TAMARBIKES will offer to operate the tour if all participants agree to a supplemental charge due to the low number of tour members.  TAMARBIKES may also offer a self-guided tour at current self-guided tour prices to participants.In case of cancelation TAMARBIKES will refund the deposit and payments in full, which will constitute the full settlement. TAMARBIKES is not liable for any additional costs or losses incurred by the participant due to the cancellation of the tour by TAMARBIKES. This includes, but is not limited to, the cost of pre-paid airline tickets, hotel reservations and automobile rentals.
  1. Obligations of the participant / renter – Each participant in a guided tour/rental must comply with any applicable laws including traffic and environmental laws, and not cause any damage to natural surrounding or third parties through their actions while riding the motorcycles. Participant must obey tour leader’s/TAMARBIKES Personnel instructions during the tour/ to ensure the safety and pleasure of all participants. TAMARBIKES reserves the right to cancel the participation of any participant who does not comply with the instructions of the tour leader and / or endangers the safety of the other participants. In the event of such cancelation the bike will be repossessed by the company and the participant will be able to continue the tour in the support vehicle if possible, or will be made to take alternative transportation back at his own risk and cost.TAMARBIKES has a strict No Alcohol (with riding), No Drugs (At all) policy which will be strictly enforced during the tour. Should a participant be riding under the influence it will be the tour leaders’ prerogative to either prevent the participant from riding or to cancel the rest of the tour for the said participant at its sole discretion. No refunds will be awarded in such a case. And customer will be charged for the costs for towing the bike back to offices, and for his transportation costs.
  2. Dietary demands or requests – It is the responsibility of the participant to inform the company of any special dietary requirements, or any health limitations he or she may have. The company does not undertake to provide any special dietary needs and client will be responsible to take care of it by himself.
  1. Other dangerous activity – A participant is fully aware of the risks and dangers inherent to Motorcycling and any other outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, rock climbing or any other activity potentially suggested as a supplemental activity to the tour and accepts full liability. Waiver signed by participant shall apply to such supplemental activities.
  1. Lost baggage – TAMARBIKES assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivering baggage to tour participants. Baggage turned over to TAMARBIKES for transport each day is done so at the participant’s own risk. Baggage insurance is recommended.
  1. Supplement personal insurance – TAMARBIKES strongly recommends that guests take out adequate travel, health including medical EVAC, and accident insurance as well as trip cancellation insurance.
  1. Israel rentals – It is prohibited to take the bike outside of the borders of the country (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon or Egypt). Additionally, entering the Palestinian Authority’s territory is forbidden. There are no borders with the Palestinian authority and it is the riders responsibility to know and avoid any such crossing.

Privacy and Copyright

  1. Photos and videos produced by TAMARBIKES or its representatives including during a trip or by other participants who have handed over the material to the TAMARBIKES, are the property of TAMARBIKES. The copyrights remain with TAMARBIKES. TAMARBIKES can use all such material for advertising and marketing purposes, including images in which participants can be recognized, without any compensation to participant and without any further consent. Participants who submit photos to TAMARBIKES agree to allow the use of such photos by TAMARBIKES for advertising and marketing purposes. All participants agree to eth use of pictures taken of them during the tour.
  2. GPS Location of Motorcycle – Customer is aware and agrees that the motorcycle is equipped with a GPS tracking system enabling the company, constantly, and without the specific knowledge of the participant, to receive data from the motorcycle including but limited too Location, speed, fuel consumption, Company representatives may be notified automatically or access such information voluntarily to verify the compliance of the customer with the terms and conditions of this agreement or with the obligations of the countries’ laws. This information is for internal use only and will not be made public by company officials, unless necessary or in a legal proceeding.
  3. Contact Information – The company may use the contact information provided by customer to send customer its new offers and publications from time to time. Customer agrees to such use and contact. Customer my at his or her choice opt out from any such mailing list at any time.

Rent a Bike

  1. If a costumer rents a motorcycle from TAMARBIKES not as part of a corresponding guided tour or a self-guided tour –
    1. Orders – a payment of 35% of the contract value but not less of the tariff of 1 day rent – as a Non- Refundable Deposit shall be paid by the costumer and the balance is due 45 days prior the starting date rental period.
    2. Final confirmation and changes – TAMARBIKES confirmation of the reservation shall be final and valid only 30 days before the commencement of the rental period. Modification of this existing rental reservation can be made free of charge if claimed at least 21 days before the commencement of the rental period, subject to availability, otherwise a surcharge may apply.
    3. Rental period – A rental day is up to (or part of) 24 hours from pick-up time. A delay of up to one hour when returning the bike will not incur an additional charge. A charge for an additional rental day as well as all associated coverage will apply if the bike is returned more than one hour later than the return time specified on the rental agreement.
    4. Delivery/Collection – The pickup and drop-off of the rented bike will take place at the offices of TAMARBIKES. Delivery will take place between 08:00AM and 12:00 Noon. The bike may be picked up any time during regular office hours, afternoon, upon appointment however the pick-up time will be registered and considered as no later than 12:00 Noon. An additional charge will apply in case of delivery or collection of the bike to/from the renter, subject to destination and availability. An additional surcharge will be charged in the event of pick up or return after office hours, or on weekends, or on a public holiday. – To confirm, the renter must contact TAMARBIKES in advance.

Force Major

  1. Situations beyond TAMARBIKES control may arise which make it necessary to reschedule or cancel a tour, change itineraries or make substitutions regarding hotels, cities, guides and other travel arrangements. TAMARBIKES does not assume responsibility or liability for any resulting losses, expenses or inconvenience to the participant. TAMARBIKES is not required to make refunds once the tour commences, regardless of the reason for the participant’s inability to complete his tour.
  2. TAMARBIKES runs its tours year round and in any weather. Many tours pass through areas where weather conditions can change, or may be extreme at times. TAMARBIKES is not liable for unpleasant weather conditions, or for changes in schedule or cancelation of certain parts of the tour due to extreme weather conditions resulting in health or safety hazards, no refunds will be made for such changes or cancelations.

Fines and Fees

  1. The participant is liable for all traffic violations and fines. All such liabilities shall be charged to customers’ credit card. A service charge of 50 Euro will apply for any unpaid fine. The participant is responsible for complying with passport and visa regulations and takes responsibility for consequences resulting from non-compliance. Road tolls will be charged to customers’ credit card with a handling fee of 20 Euro per rental agreement.

Verbal Changes

  1. Verbal changes to these General Terms & Conditions are invalid. Only written confirmation to such changes by TAMARBIKES will obligate the company.

Law and Forum

  1. These General Terms & Conditions shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the state of Israel, and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Haifa District.
  2. TAMARBIKES agents, representatives and guides are not a party to this contract, and are not responsible or liable for any failure to provide any service as may be described in our literature or pertaining to the contract.

Acceptance of Trip Terms and Conditions – 

By checking a box paying a payment or otherwise participating in an activity organized by the company, I agree and accept these terms and conditions in whole and with no reservations. I understand that I will be required to sign a release and waiver form before I can participate in any TAMARBIKES activity or receive a TAMARBIKES vehicle to my possession. I have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of TAMARBIKES. I’m aware that motorcycling can be dangerous. I’m aware that traffic conditions, roads, weather and other conditions as well as the actions of other members of the trip can influence the risks. I agree to accept those risks.

I’m an experienced, responsible and healthy motorcyclist with a valid motorcycle driver license. As a passenger I’m aware of the potential dangers of motorcycling.

I further agree and understand that the owners, operators and agents of this trip, including TAMARBIKES, are not the guardians of my safety. They, individually or collectively, cannot be held liable in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation or my participation in the trip which might result in injury, death or other damage to me, my property, or my family, heirs, or assigns.